Asplenium flabellifolium

Necklace Fern

Family: Aspleniaceae

In the garden


Propagation is from plant division or by spores.

Other information

Likely grows in areas where fire is not a problem. But can probably regenerate after light fires.

Asplenium – from the Latin-Greek a- (without) and -splenio (σπλήνιο) meaning spleen. Asplenia is the medical condition for the absence of a spleen or a spleen that functions.
This genus is generally known as spleenworts as some species have sori which resemble the human spleen in appearance. This generated the belief in ancient times that the plants were then beneficial for the human spleen. The genus name means “no-spleen” or “no connection to the spleen”.
flabellifolium – has foliage resembling plants of the genus Flabellia – an algae.

Not considered at risk in the wild.



By Dan Clarke