Acacia triptera

Spurwing Wattle

Family: Fabaceae subfamily Mimosoideae

Acacia triptera is known as the Spurwing Wattle and is found in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. This prickly species will grow into a spreading shrub about two metres tall and the same width.

The phyllodes are decurrent (in line with the stem giving a ribbed appearance), flat, curved and crowned with a sharp point. Bright yellow flowers are held in rod-shaped clusters. Flowers cover plants in spring and carried for a number of weeks.

In some areas of the Northern Tablelands, the Spurwing Wattle develops into impenetrable thickets. The prickly growth provides safe nesting sites for small native birds.

In the garden

In our cold climate garden the Spurwing Wattle does not require pruning. Plants develop, without resorting to secateurs or pruning saws, into dense, colourful shrubs.

Acacia triptera is too barbed for cultivation in suburban gardens. This species would be ideal for rural properties and incorporated in shelter belts and windbreaks.


Propagate from seed that needs to be soaked in boiling water before sowing.

Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather