Acacia montana

Mallee Wattle

Family: Fabaceae subfamily Mimosoideae

Acacia montana is known as the Mallee Wattle. This is a medium shrub that reaches a height of two metres in our cold climate garden. The phyllodes are sticky, leathery, up to four centimetres long by one centimetre wide with distinct veins. Flower heads are globular, profuse, conspicuous, bright yellow and appear in spring.

Acacia montana is a widespread species that occurs in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.



In the garden

The Mallee Wattle is a hardy, attractive shrub that could be cultivated in native shrubberies. Prune behind the flowers as they fade. This will keep plants dense and blooming bounteously.


Propagate from seed and cuttings.

Other information

The species was first described in the London Journal of Botany Volume 1, 1842. The type was collected “in the Highlands near the Liverpool Plains, NSW” by Charles Fraser.

By Warren and Gloria Sheather