Acacia ‘Little Nugget’

Family: Fabaceae subfamily Mimosoideae

Acacia ‘Little Nugget’ is a dwarf form of Acacia pravissima and is a hardy, small shrub growing to 1.2 metres tall and about the same width, with clusters of ball-shaped yellow flowers during August to September. Acacia ‘Little Nugget’ is frost hardy, prefers full sun to dappled shade and well drained soils.


In the garden

I planted this plant in my daughter’s Canberra garden two years ago in a raised bed, facing north. It receives minimal water and is thriving and flowering well. It has attractive foliage and I am sure would make a great hedge plant if required. I am so impressed with this plant I am now trying to locate a few more for her garden as well as for my own garden.

When planting out, it is best not to disturb the plants root ball very much as acacias resent root interference at the time of planting.

This plant requires little maintenance and will tolerate drought and heavy frost once established.


Other information

Derivation of Name: Acacia – from the Greek acis, a thorn, is a reference to the thorny stems of the type species.

By Jeff Howes