Acacia ligulata

Dune Wattle, Sandhill Wattle, Small Cooba, Umbrella Bush

Family: Fabaceae subfamily Mimosoideae

Acacia ligulata is known by several common names including: Dune Wattle, Sandhill Wattle, Small Cooba and Umbrella Bush.

Acacia ligulata is a rounded, compact shrub that will reach a height of from one to five metres. Our cold climate garden specimen has reached a mature height of 1.5 metres.

The phyllodes are linear or linear-oblong, thick, grey-green with a hard point. In some cases the phyllodes are curved and held upright (see image). Each phyllode has three glands. Two are along the upper margin and one shares the phyllode tip with a hard point.

Close examination of the image reveals that the apex, of each phyllode, has been eaten out. The sugary excretion, from the phyllode, has probably attracted insects with a liking for the nectar.

Acacia ligulata is a widespread species that is found in all mainland states usually in arid areas.


In the garden

The flowers are bright yellow, held in globular clusters and appear in late winter and spring. Foliage and flowers are attractive features.


Propagate from seed and probably cuttings.

Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather