Acacia brownii

Heath Wattle

Family: Fabaceae subfamily Mimosoideae

Acacia brownii, the Heath Wattle, is a small shrub reaching a height of one metre. The phyllodes are rigid, 4-angled, about two centimetres long and crowned with a sharp point.

The flowers are held in globular clusters with 12-30 flowers in each cluster and bright yellow. A single flower cluster is held in the axil of each phyllode. Plants become covered with the bright yellow blooms in spring. Because the phyllodes are widely spaced the flowers are well displayed.

The pods may be curved or straight, leathery, with slight constrictions between seeds and frequently brittle with age.

The Heath Wattle is widespread in eastern NSW as well as Queensland and Victoria.




In the garden

Because of the prickly foliage this wattle could be used to restrict movement to areas that require protection.


Propagate from seed that will need soaking in boiling water before sowing.

Other information

Acacia brownii, was previously known as A. brownei.

By Warren and Gloria Sheather