<i>Zieria pilosa</i>

A shrub, growing to 1 metre tall with a spread to 0.5 metres. It has a wide coastal distribution on the NSW Coast

<i>Zieria baeuerlenii</i>

An open shrub, with stems often trailing on the ground (procumbent), usually growing to a height up to 1 metre.

<i>Cyanothamnus rigens</i>

A compact rigid shrub that grows to a height of 40 cm. It has a natural distribution from the Hunter Valley (near Singleton) and Kandos (Mt Coricudgy) area…

<i>Philotheca scabra</i>

A small shrub to 0.6 metres tall, spreading to about 1 metre wide with stems having rough hairs.

<i>Boronia floribunda</i>

An erect, woody shrub to 1 metre.

It is found mainly in the Greater Sydney Basin and slightly further

<i>Boronia microphylla</i>

A shrub to 1 metre with with young branches covered in small, warty glands and scattered bristly hairs.

<i>Boronia polygalifolia</i>

A low-lying spreading shrub to almost a herb, growing to 0.6 metres tall but usually smaller and ground-hugging, with stems up to 0.3 metres long.

<i>Leptospermum</i> ‘Merinda’

A small shrub growing to 1 metre tall by 1 to 2 metres wide with arching branches. It is reported to be a hybrid of Leptospermum ‘Pink Cascade’ and L. ‘Aphrodite’.

<i>Leptospermum</i> ‘Piccolo’

Is a dense shrub growing to 1 metre tall by 1 metre wide. It originated out of Bywong Nursery as a selected form and likely has links to L. ‘Cardwell’ and ‘L. Rhiannon’.

<i>Leptospermum</i> ‘Horizontalis’

A small spreading-sprawling shrub to about 1 metre tall by 2 to 3 metres wide.

It is reportedly a form of L. continentale collected in heathland from Portland, Victoria in 1967. It was registered under this name in 1985.

<i>Leptospermum rupicola</i>

A low-growing shrub to 1 metre tall. It has a restricted distribution, mainly growing in the Katoomba area in the Blue Mountains of NSW, with a somewhat disjunct occurrence north at Glen Davis, and with some old records in the southern highlands (Berrima) and Kangaroo Valley.   

<i>Leptospermum blakelyi</i>

Leptospermum blakelyi – A typically small shrub that grows to a height of 1 metre. It has a restricted distribution, found mostly around Lithgow NSW, with some records further north in Newnes State Forest as well as south-west of Blackheath (Shipley) and grows in heath on rocky escarpments (granite and sandstone).

<i>Homoranthus prolixus</i>

Homoranthus prolixus – A small spreading shrub to about 0.3 metres tall and up to 2 metres wide, creating a moderate cover. It is restricted to a small area in NSW in the North West Slopes and Tablelands, specifically the Inverell and Bendemeer areas. It is typically found growing in amongst granite rocks and boulders on shallow soils, in heath and dry sclerophyll woodland. Listed as threatened with extinction in the wild.

<i>Persoonia oxycoccoides</i>

Persoonia oxycoccoides – A spreading to prostrate shrub to 1 metre high. It has a limited distribution, occurring in an area bounded by Mittagong, Jamberoo Pass and Tallong in the Southern Highlands of NSW (within the Central Tablelands division). It grows in heath and dry sclerophyll eucalypt forest, in sandy soils derived from sandstone.

<i>Persoonia marginata</i>

Persoonia marginata – A spreading shrub that grows to 0.5 metre high and up to 1 metre across. It grows in dry sclerophyll forest and woodland communities on sandstone between Kandos and Clarence in the western Blue Mountains of NSW on the Central Tablelands. There are disjunct (separate) populations and It is a listed threatened species in the wild.

<i>Persoonia acerosa</i>

Persoonia acerosa – An erect to spreading shrub, to 2 metres tall and about 1 metre wide, with smooth bark. Its occurrence is limited mainly to the Blue Mountains in dry sclerophyll woodland and forest as well as low woodland / scrubby heath on low fertility sandy soils. It is currently threatened with extinction in the wild.

<i>Persoonia hirsuta</i>

A spreading to low-lying shrub, to 1.5 metres tall. It grows in dry sclerophyll forest and woodland, shrubland, as well as heath on sandstone soils.

<i>Persoonia hindii</i>

Persoonia hindii – A small shrub to 1 metre tall, with numerous stems arising from underground rhizomes. It is has a very small, restricted occurrence, confined to the Newnes Plateau in the Blue Mountains, north and east of Lithgow in NSW and grows in dry sclerophyll forests and woodlands on sandy soils.

It is listed as threatened with extinction in the wild.

<i>Grevillea</i> ‘Bronze Rambler’

Grevillea ‘Bronze Rambler’ – A low growing, ground-covering shrub, to 50 cm tall but it may spread to over 5 metres. It grows horizontally and can even hang pendulously over a wall.

<i>Grevillea</i> ‘Winter Delight’

Grevillea ‘Winter Delight’ – It is a cross between G. lanigera (a Victorian / NSW species) and G. lavandulacea (a South Australian species).

<i>Grevillea</i> ‘Pick o’ the Crop’

Grevillea ‘Pick o’ the Crop’ – A low growing shrub to about 0.5 to 1 metre tall, spreading to 3 or more metres wide. It generally has a weeping dense habit.

<i>Prostanthera junonis</i>

Prostanthera junonis – A low spreading or straggling shrub to 1 metre high and up to 1 metre in diameter. It grows naturally in sclerophyll forest and woodland in sandy loamy soils on sandstone and is restricted to the Somersby Plateau in the Gosford area of NSW

<i>Prostanthera howelliae</i>

Prostanthera howelliae – An erect or spreading shrub growing to a height and spread of 0.3 to 1.5 metres. It is found widely in dry sclerophyll woodland and shrubland in the eastern half of New South Wales and into Queensland and Victoria.

<i>Prostanthera hindii</i>

Prostanthera hindii – An erect shrub growing to 1 metre tall by 1 metre wide. It is naturally confined to a small area of NSW, growing in dry sclerophyll shrubland and woodland, on shallow sandy soils, in crevices and on slopes with rocky sandstone platforms and outcrops.

<i>Isopogon fletcheri</i>

Isopogon fletcheri – An erect stout shrub to about 1 metre tall by 1 metre wide. It has a lignotuber.

<i>Prostanthera denticulata</i>

Prostanthera denticulata – A wiry / weak-wooded, semi-erect to prostrate shrub, aromatic, growing to a height of 1 metre and potentially spreading to 2 metres wide.