Viminaria juncea

It has a mostly coastal distribution in NSW, found as far south as the Victorian border on the coast, commonly between Bermagui and the north of Sydney and then patchy to the Queensland border. Plants are found as far west as Lithgow and Putty and areas such as Bulahdelah. It extends into Queensland, along the coast to Maryborough.

Austromyrtus dulcis

It is found on coastal NSW, north from Urunga, spreading up the coast into Queensland. Here, it grows as far north as Fraser Island.

Aotus ericoides

A variable shrub that may grow up to 2 metres, usually with an erect habit consisting of many narrow stems. The stems are often covered in short, matted, rusty or greyish-coloured hairs.

Melicytus dentatus

An erect to spreading shrub, growing to around 5 metres high and up to 5 or so metres across (sometimes a small tree); sometimes stunted or prostrate in alpine areas, with prickly stems due to long axillary spines.

Podocarpus spinulosus

A shrub or tree to potentially 5 metres high, with a narrow spread to a few metres – often seen as a low scrambling and ground-covering shrub in a lot of habitats.

Notelaea neglecta

A shrub, growing to 2 m high, possibly growing into a small tree with a canopy to several metres wide.

Notelaea ovata

It is a shrub to 1.5 metres tall, which can form wide multi-stemmed patches or colonies in some habitats; otherwise with a spread up to 1 metre. 

Daviesia genistifolia

A typically low and multi-stemmed shrub, often growing to about 0.6 metres tall but potentially reaching 2 metres, spreading to about 1 metre wide – very rigid and prickly.

Daviesia squarrosa

A slender, and often small shrub, growing potentially to 1.5 metres with a spread to a metre or more, often with several arching stems.

Daviesia corymbosa

A shrub reaching 2 metres tall with a 1-metre spread; generally, with an open-habitand multi-stemmed.

Daviesia leptophylla

A flexible, erect and “light” shrub, often multi-stemmed shrub, growing to a height of about 2 metres with a 1 metre spread. It has an overall “broom-like” habit.

Daviesia ulicifolia

A rigid, openly-branched shrub potentially growing to a height of up to 2 or 3 metres with a rounded spread to 2 or so meters (often seen smaller) – with prickly-spiny branchlets. It has a divaricate habit – where successive branches are orientated and widely different angles from previous branches – resulting in a tightly interlaced and dense shrub.

Daviesia mimosoides

A multi-stemmed shrub, typically to 2 m high by 1 metre wide (in rare cases it can reach 5 metres).

Pomaderris walshii

A large shrub to about 3 metres tall, spreading to several metres wide.

Pomaderris velutina

A slender shrub to 3 m high, spreading to several metres wide potentially.

Pomaderris prunifolia

A shrub to 3 metres high, spreading to about 2 metres wide. The stems have rusty stellate hairs.

Pomaderris ledifolia

A shrub to 2 metres high, often with a narrow erect habit, spreading to 1 metre wide; sometimes prostrate under extreme conditions.

Pomaderris mediora

A shrub growing from 1 to 3 metres tall, erect to sometimes sprawling or procumbent.

Pomaderris intermedia

A shrub to 3 m tall, spreading to 1-2 metres wide. The stems have scattered to clustered simple hairs.

Pomaderris ferruginea

A shrub up to 4 metres tall, spreading to about 2 metres wide, mainly at the highest parts. It has rusty stems.

Pomaderris lanigera

A large shrub (potentially a small tree) growing to 5 metres tall, with a canopy spreading to 3 metres wide.

Pomaderris eriocephala

A spreading shrub to 3 m tall by 2 or so metres wide. It has a widespread if patchy natural distribution in NSW, growing south from around Severn River Nature Reserve and Pindari Dam and a bit further north-east, near Torrington NSW, south through the tablelands and the coastal hinterland, extending onto the western slopes near Wellington.

Pomaderris discolor

A shrub to potentially 5 metres, spreading to several metres wide with stems possessing dense white stellate hairs.

Pomaderris brunnea

A shrub to about 3 m tall, spreading to 1-2 metres wide, with distinctively hairy stems.

Pomaderris aspera

A shrub generally growing to about 5 metres tall, spreading to 3 metres wide. In some habitats, observations are reported that they can reach over 15 metres with trunks to 30 cm across.

Pomaderris adnata

It is only known from one location – endemic to NSW, above the Illawarra Escarpment, south of Sydney at Sublime Point. 

Pomaderris elliptica

It occurs naturally in NSW, with a mainly coastal and tablelands distribution; south from around Taree and Rylestone, extending south along the coast, west to around Wadbilliga National Park, to Bega and then disjunctly around Eden and further inland. It extends into Victoria, generally from the eastern corner of the State to Melbourne-area and further south to the coast. It is common in the eastern half of Tasmania, extending into some western areas and the north-west coast.

Kunzea baxteri

Kunzea baxteri An erect shrub to 3 metres tall, spreading to potentially 4 metres.

It is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia, growing close to the west and south coastlines, from as far north as Gingin-Bindoon area (north of Perth), then south and around the corner to the east to Cape Arid National Park and further north. 

Bossiaea oligosperma

It is known from two disjunct areas in eastern New South Wales on the central coast and southern tablelands botanical subdivisions.

Bossiaea obcordata

An erect, rigid shrub that grows to a height of 1.5 metres, usually with a narrow spread.

Bossiaea lenticularis

A slender spreading shrub that typically grows to a height of up to 1 metre with a spread to 1 metre wide.

Bossiaea kiamensis

It is endemic to NSW, growing south from around the Bowral-Robertson area in the southern highlands of NSW, south to between Braidwood and Nelligen.