Leptospermum brevipes

Slender Tea-tree

Family: Myrtaceae

Leptospermum brevipes, the Slender Tea-tree, is a medium to tall shrub that may reach a height of 7 metres. Leaves are small and new, soft growth is pendulous. Flowers are less than 1 centimetre across and white. Buds sometimes have a pinkish tinge. What flowers lack in size they make up for in quantity. During spring the crowns of plants are covered in blooms. Capsules are less than 4 millimetres across and shed their seeds when mature.

Most leptospermums favour low-lying moist areas whilst the Slender Tea-tree favours rocky, well drained sites usually on granite.

Leptospermum brevipes is a widespread species that occurs in all NSW botanic zones, except the Far Western Slopes and Plains, as well as Queensland and Victoria.

In the garden

We have Leptospermum brevipes regenerating on our property, west of Armidale. Plants made a welcome return after sheep were removed from Yallaroo. We have also planted a number of specimens in our gardens. They contribute to the canopy and are used by small birds before they dive into our dense shrubberies. Tea-tree Creek, east of Yallaroo, on the NSW Northern Tablelands, is named after large populations of Leptospermum brevipes that grow on the rocky outcrops above the watercourse.


Propagate from seed or cuttings.

Other information

By Warren and Gloria Sheather